Why WebCatalyst

Five years of experience
We have been in the web design and development industry for five years. You can rest assured that we will not suddenly disappear leaving you in the lurch.

We are good at what we do
Our web designers and programmers are perfectly capable of handling all your web development needs.

We are flexible in our approach
You won't be asked to pay for every small change in design or for every minor feature you request. We often provide minor website updates free of charge even months after project completion.

We provide the right kind of consultancy
We don't buy into the "Customer is always right" adage. You may not always be aware of the technical constraints or the monetary aspects of your requirements. We provide the best possible technical guidance to our clients while still helping them meet their goals.

We value your data and privacy
All development is done in-house and only the concerned persons are allowed access to sensitive data. No project or module is further outsourced outside the firm.